NIWA Kingfish Recirculation


The Northland Regional Council and National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd partnered for an on-land kingfish farm, aiming to produce 600 tonnes of yellowtail kingfish annually with a Recirculating Aquaculture System. The electrical component of the project was a critical task, as it needed to ensure the farm’s smooth operation and sustainable impact.


McKay, as the electrical contractor, worked closely with the Head Contractor to enhance the design elements and deliver an exceptional end product for the client. McKay used its expertise and deep industry knowledge to identify areas for improvement and implemented changes to optimize cable routes, support structures, installation processes, and switchboard/MCC design. These improvements not only reduced maintenance costs, but they also increased installation efficiency, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.


McKay’s innovative electrical solutions brought several project outcomes, improving efficiency and maintenance, enhanced workmanship, sustainable aquaculture practices, and future collaboration potential. The improved efficiency reduced maintenance costs and increased the installation’s efficiency, saving valuable time and resources. The enhanced workmanship and sustainable aquaculture practices ensured that the farm would operate optimally and sustainably, contributing to the overall success of the project. Additionally, McKay’s collaborative approach with the Head Contractor opened doors for future potential collaborations.

Overall, McKay’s ability to provide innovative electrical solutions that meet the client’s requirements and contribute to the success and sustainability of the project demonstrated its capability and expertise.