Our commitment

McKay is deeply committed to the principles of sustainability and aims to spearhead the transformation of our industry, effectively tackling economic and environmental challenges not only in New Zealand but across the globe.


Percent solar offset in McKay Whangarei Head Office.


McKay Achieved ISO 14001 certification in 2023.


Percent renewable electricity supply for all McKay premises

Environmental Management

We actively champion environmental protection through our companywide initiatives and policies, serving as a catalyst for increasing environmental awareness among our employees. This commitment has earned us international recognition, as we have been certified to the esteemed AS/NZS ISO 14001 standard. This recognition acknowledges the robust environmental management systems in place throughout the McKay group of companies, with an emphasis on sustainable expansion while continuously minimising the environmental footprint associated with our company growth.

Companywide initiatives

At McKay, we are committed to powering the future sustainably through our use of renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Solar Power

Our passion for sustainability has led us to make significant investments in renewable energy sources, including solar power. Our Whangarei head office boasts an impressive 30KW rooftop solar array, while our Kawerau branch features a 5KW array. These solar panels enable us to generate our own clean energy, making a substantial contribution to a healthier environment. In fact, our Whangarei head office is able to offset approximately 60% of our weekday office energy needs through solar power.

Electric Fleet

McKay has consistently advocated for the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand, incorporating a fleet of fully electric and hybrid vehicles across our branches and divisions. In line with our commitment to sustainability and waste reduction, we also embarked on a pioneering project to create a fully electric ute, as no commercially available options were available. By repurposing an end-of-life diesel company vehicle, we prioritized the utilization of the existing ute's shell and drivetrain, as well as salvaging materials from other vehicles, such as the drive system from a damaged Nissan Leaf.

McKay Renewables

In 2019 we launched McKay Renewables, a dedicated division committed to supporting New Zealand's vision for a greener and more sustainable future.

With a specialised focus on wind and solar power, our renewables division offers a team of experts including renewable energy specialists, engineers, electricians, and project partners who had consistently delivered outstanding and innovative results in the renewable sector.

With our expertise and passion, we actively contribute to the growth and evolution of New Zealand's renewable energy landscape, while positioning ourselves at the forefront on the industry.