Stuart Archer

Current Position Branch Manager Hamilton

Location Hamilton

Having started as a commercial sparkie, Stuart’s passion for the industry led him to train as an electrical inspector and engineer. Along the way, he also took up the role of an electrical night class tutor, sharing his expertise and helping others build their skills.

His journey into management began with project management, then transitioning to contracts and general management. Eventually, Stuart found himself in the position of Branch Manager, responsible for overseeing the operations at McKay’s Hamilton branch.

As the Branch Manager, Stuart’s main focus is to support and empower his team, ensuring that clients have confidence in the company’s ability and performance. He achieves this through problem-solving and effective people management.

One aspect that Stuart particularly enjoys about his role at McKay is the opportunity to work on niche electrical projects. These projects expose the team to interesting installations and provide opportunities for continuous training and upskilling.

One of Stuart’s most cherished projects at McKay has been the development of the branch’s core values. Understanding the importance of a strong foundation for success, Stuart continuously works on refining and strengthening these values.

Working at McKay is described by Stuart as interesting, challenging, and social. Colleagues would likely describe him as fair, approachable, and energetic, as he creates a supportive and engaging work environment.

For anyone aspiring to become a Branch Manager, Stuart advises getting hands-on experience in the electrical industry. While theory is essential, practical experience is invaluable in understanding the nuances of the field and developing the necessary skills.

Outside of work, Stuart enjoys various outdoor activities such as mountain biking, scuba diving, running, and visiting tropical beaches. These hobbies provide a balance to his professional life, allowing him to recharge and embrace new experiences.

Stuart Archer’s dedication to his team, his passion for the electrical industry, and his continuous pursuit of growth make him an invaluable asset as the Branch Manager of McKay’s Hamilton division.