Nelia Marx

Current Position Cost Controller Major Projects

Location Te Awamutu

Nelia is well-versed in the Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing phases of Project Management. She is competent in applying NEC Contracts and has a proven track record in working with the Preparations, Negotiations, and Presentations of Early Warnings, Claims, and Disputes. In addition, Nelia has extensive experience in handling Subcontractor Contracts and Claims, ensuring smooth project execution.

Having joined McKay in 2021 as a Senior Quantity Surveyor, Nelia quickly proved her expertise and was promoted to the role of Cost Controller in 2022. In her current role, Nelia’s responsibilities include the preparation and issuance of tender packages, contract preparation for award, and overseeing the costing procedure. She is adept at pricing concept plans and conducting high-level budgeting for projects. Nelia also takes charge of facilitating purchase orders to suppliers and sub-contractors.

Negotiation is one of Nelia’s strong suits, as she consistently achieves favorable outcomes with clients, sub-contractors, and suppliers. Furthermore, she excels in measuring and estimating variation claims, ensuring accuracy and fairness in project cost management. Nelia also handles project administration requirements for each project allocated, ensuring efficient and organized project execution.

Collaboration and communication are crucial aspects of Nelia’s role. She liaises with various stakeholders such as Client Managers, Project Managers, and Foremen on-site to review project progress and update project communication accordingly. Nelia also places emphasis on ensuring that all materials are ordered and delivered in a timely manner, aligning with the construction program requirements.

With Nelia’s vast experience and diverse skill set, she brings immense value to the McKay large projects team. Her strong background in project management, cost control, negotiation, and administrative proficiency makes her a key asset in delivering successful projects. Nelia’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail contribute to the overall success of McKay and its clients.