Chané Botha

Current Position Data and Project Manager

Location Auckland

Chane Botha


Chane’s role as a Data and Project Manager encompasses a multitude of responsibilities, all aimed at ensuring the success of our operations. Some of her key responsibilities include:

  • H&S Representative: Liaising with the McKay National Health and Safety Manager on behalf of the Auckland Infrastructure Branch, Chane ensures compliance with health and safety regulations and promotes a safe work environment.
  • Project Management: Acting as a Project Manager for various AT Minor Safety Projects and LED upgrade initiatives, overseeing their planning, execution, and successful completion.
  • Asset Management: Monitoring and managing the Resource Asset Management Model (RAMM) for HDC, MPDC, TCDC & SWDC, ensuring accurate and up-to-date asset data.
  • Data Compilation: Compiling data and generating monthly reports to support all branch month-end processes, providing crucial insights for decision-making.
  • Customer Communication: Keeping customers fully informed of the status of ongoing works, maintaining open lines of communication, and ensuring their satisfaction.
  • Administration: Providing administrative support to supervisors, helping streamline processes and ensure smooth operations. Updating data and assets for LED upgrades in SWDC, MPDC, HDC, QLDC & CDC, contributing to the accuracy and completeness of the database.
  • Scheduling: Compiling project schedule charts to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, maintaining efficient workflow and meeting deadlines.


Chane embarked on her professional journey with McKay in 2017, where she took on the role of an administrator, overseeing the management of our Auckland streetlighting contracts. Over the span of two years, Chane’s dedication and determination drove her to invest in her personal development by pursuing a Diploma in Project Management, recognizing the value it could bring to her prospects.

In 2019, Chane stepped into the role of Data and Project Manager, reflecting recognition for her experience at McKay and her new qualification. This transition not only signified her exceptional capabilities but also highlighted her adaptability and willingness to take on new challenges.

Now, six years since joining McKay, Chane has become an integral part of the company culture and a pillar of the Auckland Infrastructure team.