Petrochemical projects

NZRC Point Forward Project

McKay completed all the electrical and instrumentation installation for the New Zealand Refining Company’s Point Forward Project, an upgrade of the crude distillery processing area of New Zealand’s largest oil refinery at Marsden Point near McKay’s home town of Whangarei.

This project was particularly challenging as almost all the work (95%) had to be carried out whilst the refinery was operating at full capacity. We committed up to 35 staff on site to achieve the outcome within the deadlines and operating parameters set by the client.

The scope of electrical work included:

  • Upgrading 11kV/3.3kV transformers and switchgear.
  • Extension of 415V MCC.
  • The Installation of 9 new 3.3kV (up to 600kW) motors, 30 x 415V (up to 200kW) motors.
  • General power and lighting.

Instrumentation work included:

  • Upgrading the existing Honeywell control interface to a Honeywell Experian system.
  • Installation of new instrumentation infrastructure and 20,000m of 20 pair SWA lead sheath cabling.
  • Installation of 200 new instruments and instrument cabling.
  • Installation of pneumatic instrument pipework.
  • Calibration and loop testing of the installation.

NZRC Future Fuels Project

The New Zealand Refining Company contracted McKay to complete the electrical and instrumentation installation of OSBL (outside battery limits), as part of its Future Fuels project at the Marsden Point oil refinery. This project took 12,000 man-hours, and incorporated the new Future Fuels (de-sulphurisation) plant to the existing refinery.

The Future Fuels plant removes sulphur from the fuel, giving a cleaner burning fuel which is better for the environment.

McKay petrochemical projectMcKay petrochemical project