McKay can work with the client in developing request for proposal, or request for tender documents that can be issued to prospective tenderers. McKay can also be involved in the tender evaluation (providing we have no conflicts of interest).

Electrical design

McKay’s experienced engineering team deliver leading-edge design for luxury, defense and commercial vessels. Engineering projects will usually include:

  • Electrical drawings in most formats, typically AutoCAD
  • Cable schedules and cable tray design
  • Schematics for termination and switchboard building
  • Load, fault current, and discrimination studies
  • Full documentation, including operations and maintenance manuals
  • Class submissions

Cable mapping software is used to design efficient cable support/cable penetration systems and to assist with cable installation. McKay are also experienced in providing full ILS data for defence projects.

Functional description and design

A functional design is a document that captures all requirements of the system that is being designed. After the document has been approved by the client, the system will be implemented according to this document and at the end of the project the document will be used to verify and validate the outcome of the implementation.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

An operational manual is a document that describes how an installation is operated by the end-user. It normally contains an explanation of the safety aspect, how the installation is run, how the user-interfaces are used and some basic fault finding. A maintenance manual is a document that describes reactive and preventive maintenance procedures used by the maintenance technicians, including detailed fault finding procedures.