Sidewinder consists of a web interface, and portable device that provides all the information and intelligence you need to efficiently, accurately and proactively manage and report on your cabling project.

No more paper

Sidewinder is digital — your entire cable project is available online through a secure website, anywhere in the world, any time of day or night.

Meet targets

Sidewinder’s intelligent progress reporting allows you to easily track the progress of your project. This means you can set goals and be sure when you’ve achieved them.

Faster rework

Rework happens. It’s a fact. Sidewinder shows you the complete history for each cable so you can identify the technicians most familiar and best-suited to the job.

Go mobile

The Sidewinder app allows you to view and update the cable schedule remotely. Changes are reflected instantly to the database and synchronised across your team.

Partial runs

Track and record the progress of a cable run through penetrations. Never again lose a cable, or run the same cable twice.

Import (and export)

Download your cable schedule as a Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet at any time. Sidewinder also generates beautiful PDFs.

Electronic Timesheeting


METS, (McKay Electronic Timesheet System is a modern and handy tool to track your staff’s time with no paper and in real time changes.


Enquire with us to learn more about this dynamic tool.