Industrial Services


McKay is most widely known for electrical installations, and has been involved in this business for over 60 years. McKay has specific expertise in industrial installations, including the petro-chemical, wood product, power generation, dairy, and marine industries. McKay are experienced in high voltage installations (up to 33KV). McKay also have significant experience in instrumentation installation, and have certified test equipment for instrument calibration.

McKay offer any number of contract solutions including: fixed price, scheduled rates, or reimbursable, and currently have contracts that cover all three of these contract structures. We have worked on projects throughout New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, USA, and the Middle East.


Project Management

McKay provides project management for as much, or as little, of the project as required, regardless of whether we are involved in other areas of the project or not.

McKay Integrated Solutions

McKay has the capability to take an electrical project from conception to commissioning, and into through life support. We can be involved in as much or as little of the project as meets client requirements.


Modular Solutions Conceptual Design

McKay can work with the client in developing conceptual designs, including preparation of initial drawings, project specifications and RFPs/RFTs.

Control System Integration

McKay undertakes system automation either in house, through either one of our nominated providers, through the client’s nominated provider, or we will work with the on-site engineers and technicians.