State Highway 1 Cambridge Street Lighting


This contract had McKay undertake the upgrades to the street lighting along the stretch of State Highway 1 that travels past Cambridge, as well as the surrounding areas where it intersects with local roads. The zones covered by this project included a large number of intersections that required new LED lighting in order to be fully safe for use.

McKay was contracted by Fletcher Construction for the New Zealand Transport Authority for the design, supply and build of the electrical and control works, which included:
• Provide LED lighting systems for the state highway and local roads
• Install appropriate lighting and controls for intersections
• Supply and install all required cabling and cable supports for lighting systems
• Connect lighting systems to power supply

For this project, it was important to provide an engineering solution that would last over a long period of time. By using top quality resources and materials, installed by our experienced electricians and technicians, we are able to ensure that the luminaries will be able to perform for 20 years, while the rest of the components will be durable enough to last 40. Infrastructure projects like this one require that there final outcomes are able to be durable and reliable in order to ensure that they function for the safety of road users, and by working with the very best we are able to live up to these safety requirements.