KiwiRail Portable Generator Telemetry Systems


For this project KiwiRail required an update to the telemetry systems already used on their existing generators, as well as for the new system to be installed on new generator sets that they were acquiring. These generator sets power the refrigeration of freight on their rail lines, and so knowledge of that is happening with the generators and being able to control them from afar is vitally important.

McKay was contracted by KiwiRail for the design, supply and installation of the telemetry systems, which included:
• Design and installation of telemetry hardware, installed on generator sets and wirelessly communicating with centralised software system
• Programming and installation of telemetry software able to interpret data signals from hardware
• Parameter monitoring of GPS location, engine temperature, fuel level, power output, engine speed, battery level, operational status, and last known operational time
• Remote operation capabilities to allow long distance control of the generators
• Independent power supplies for each telemetry unit, separate from the generator set.

This project required a design that was able to function properly in a number of different operation conditions due to the nature of KiwiRail’s existing generator set stock, and the vast array of weather and temperature conditions the portable units are taken through. McKay rose to this challenge, providing telemetry units that met all necessary requirements across this large range of operational needs.