Three Waters Electrical, SCADA & Telemetry Maintenance

2016 - Present

McKay is contracted by Watercare Services Limited to provide maintenance for their SCADA and Telemetry systems across numerous sites.

Watercare Services Ltd operates approximately 130+ water and wastewater assets across the Waikato District which require reliable and efficient electrical supply, controls, and telemetry systems to properly function. These facilities include treatment plants, pump stations, reservoirs, telemetry stations, and SCADA systems.

The maintenance of Watercare Services Ltd SCADA systems entails a range of work, to ensure their facilities run efficiently. With McKay’s extensive knowledge of SCADA and telemetry technology the following services have been provided to the client:

  • Routine system monitoring to ensure that the system is operational. This includes EyeKnow alarm distribution program and inspections of basic VM resources and logs, system equipment including CPU and RAM network utilisation.
  • Software monitoring of all Archestra systems including SCADADEV engineering terminal, updates of Wonderware program and inspection of historian servers.
  • In relation to communication systems around SCADA, monthly maintenance of all Abbey and Datran software and the relevant hardware as specified by the client.
  • Replacement of any equipment to avoid failure while receiving the best use from the equipment provided.
  • Available technicians for urgent repairs both within and outside of ordinary working hours. This ensures that the Watercare Services Ltd facilities are performing to the best of their abilities 24/7.

Thanks to McKay’s maintenance schedule, risks of emergency breakdowns are reduced, and all Watercare Services Ltd facilities continue to run efficiently. Watercare Services Ltd and McKay continue to work together to ensure any issue within the facilities are dealt with quickly and that the SCADA and telemetry technology is performing at its best.

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