Refining NZ Electrical and Instrumentation

As part of our ongoing relationship with Refining New Zealand and the Marsden Point Refinery we provide staff to perform preventative and reparative maintenance tasks for them, both inside normal working hours and as a round the clock callout service. It is important to the proper functioning of the refinery that preventive maintenance is done regularly in order to reduce the risk of break downs, and that when break downs do occur that they are solved quickly, which is why we provide this vital service to Refining New Zealand for all of their electrical equipment.

McKay was contracted by Refining New Zealand for the maintenance of the electrical systems at their sites, which includes:

  • Regularly visit each site in order to inspect all electrical systems and make any repairs necessary
  • Replacement of any equipment in order to avoid failure while receiving the best use from equipment
  • Attend sites when an electrical fault has been identified in order to make repairs
  • Make available electricians for when urgent repairs are required outside of ordinary hours

We have had a long and very beneficial working relationship with Refining New Zealand, and this has given us the ability to learn their electrical systems inside and out. It is our ability to gather this intimate knowledge of our client’s sites that gives McKay a leg up in the electrical maintenance industry.