Northland Regional Council EV Chargers


NRC engaged McKay to install a turnkey vechicle charging infrastructure to support their growing fleet of EV’s such as Nissan leafs and Renault Zoes. To ensure a cost effective solution, McKay sourced the market for a reputable supplier, and landed on the JuicePoint fast charger for its flexibility, and price point. As the chrarging points were to be located in public places, Mckay also sourced and installed supply cabinets, which were modified to allow for charging cable to be removed while the cabinet remained in the locked state. .

Along with supplying the vehicle chargers, McKay also installed additional 16 amp caravan plugs within the cabinets to allow alternate charging to take place, if the cable type was not compatible with other vehicle users within the NRC fleet.

NRC were extremely pleased with the quality of the installation, and degree of flexibility that the McKay design had enabled through the vandal proof cabinets and additional power outlets.