McKay Fleet EV Chargers


As part of McKay’s strategic move to an all electric fleet, our Head office buiilding was upgraded with EV charging stations.

The scope included installing power cabling and conduit to the main switchboard, thorugh IP rates outdoor isolators and fabrication of bespoke stainless steel enclosures to reduce the likelihood of vandalism and damage. A combination lock and clasp was also fitted to allow access of multiple users without needing individual keys. The enclosures provide a rain and dust proof environement and has sufficient space to coil the entire charging cable and hardware within it. The enclosure was further modified to allow the charging cable to be in use while the door is in the closed and locked position, thus eliminating any tamper issues while under power.

Along with supplying the vehicle chargers, McKay also installed additional 16 amp caravan plugs within the cabinets to allow alternate charging to take place, if the cable type was not compatible with other vehicle users within the NRC fleet.