McKay Progresses Sustainability Offering with The Launch of McKay Renewables

Following the company’s success with major sustainability projects across New Zealand, including the Southern Hemisphere’s first fully electric ferry, McKay will launch the new division ‘McKay Renewables’ this week. The sub-brand will encompass some of the electrotechnology-provider’s innovative renewable resource services – including solar, EVs, marine electrification and MEVs.

McKay’s newest division, headed by Richard Adams, will spearhead the McKay Group’s renewable energy business, including the provision of design, build and maintenance services to this market sector. The McKay renewables team will be led by Richard who has joined McKay after an extensive career in the renewable energy power generation sector, having developed solar projects, wind farms and other renewable solutions on an international scale.


The 83-year-old electrotechnology provider has placed emphasis on their sustainable solutions over the last decade and intends to make a positive difference to the sustainable future of New Zealand.

“McKay strives to utilise our position as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the country to make legitimate inroads into the sustainable future for New Zealand, using our commitment to research and development and cutting edge electrotechnology to progress our environmental capabilities as a company and as a country. Our recent success with New Zealand’s first fully electrical ferry demonstrates the possibilities for NZ to become a truly sustainable part of the world and we are eager to share these opportunities with our renewable energy clients.” – says Lindsay Faithfull, Managing Director of the McKay Group.

The company currently works with central Government agencies, Councils, likeminded companies and key individuals to ensure its renewable energy solutions are some of the best in the industry. Their unique dedication to research and development has seen the solutions-provider develop some ground-breaking technologies to serve this market, including the progression of fully electric MEVs and hydrogen fuel opportunities. They hope that the launch of McKay Renewables will encourage more clients to share this sustainable vision.

“We are committed to the New Zealand’s Government drive to a low carbon energy future and with the launch of McKay Renewables division we intend to deliver on this goal. We are eager to highlight our renewable services and look forward to what the future brings.” says Richard Adams.