Timber projects

New Zealand is acknowledged as pre-eminent not only in growing some of the world’s best timber, but also in its innovative and technologically advanced processing. McKay has been involved in several high profile New Zealand projects including:

Carter Holt Harvey LVL Mill – Veneer Dryer

McKay has undertaken the supply and installation of both electrical and control systems for a new veneer dryer and stackers at Carter Holt Harvey’s Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) mill at Marsden Point.

LVL is timber made from thin sheets of wood veneer glued together. It has similar strength to steel beams and is used in construction.

The project included the design and supply of MCCs, control panels, and design and programming of Rockwell ControLogix PLCs and Wonderware Intouch SCADA system for the dryer and stacker control. The project took 3 months and required complex programming to track the veneer throughout the entire drying process.

Carter Holt Harvey Timber – Stacker and Trimmer

McKay has undertaken the electrical installation of the greenline trimmer, and the extension of the bin stacker at the CHH site in Whangarei.

The trimmer and stacker trim logs to length, and then sort the logs based on size for further processing.

Norske Skog – Chip Reclaim

McKay has worked on the electrical (HV/LV) and control system supply and installation of the new chip reclaim system, supplied by Brightwater Engineering to the Norske Skog, Tasman Pulp mill in Kawerau.

Juken Nissho Veneer Plant and Sawmill

McKay has completed the electrical (HV/LV) and control system design, supply and installation for the new veneer plant and sawmill at the Juken Nissho site, Kaitaia. This required installing new steam chambers, veneer lathe, chipper, dryer, veneer grader and also involved a building extension.

This project involved 10 McKay staff for two years. McKay performed the electrical installation as well as providing the electrical design.

McKay timber project